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Since December 1997

What we do

DE BY TRADING v.o.f. was founded in December 1997. We have been representing Tomlinson Industries Cleveland Ohio USA since 1962. I took over from my father in 1982 and as of November 1, 2021 we seperated and we are now selling our own faucets.

Since December 1997 we are working closely together with different manufacturers in Taiwan. Our partners Great Fount Enterprises are in contact with the different manufacturers in their area and they work very hard make sure to get the lowest price and that all parts are inspected before shipping.


We are specialized in st.steel deep-pressing, additional welding and testing, Cast aluminum st.steel forgings, slicers, knifes for food processing machines, Air Pots / Decanters for the Coffee Industry.


We are producing many OEM parts / products made according to customer drawings, we sign confidentiality agreement and we start sourcing for the right manufacturer. For example produce from st.steel Blender Bowl to complete range of water fountains but also plastic parts from large plastic pitcher to a small detailed plastic part for a blender. 

All parts / product made with customized tooling will never be used for other orders and they remain property of the customer.

In China we also source COLD products like refrigerators, cooling cabinets, counter bottle coolers but also HOT products like Panini Grills, induction cooker, fryers etc.

Also foldable trailer for Motor bike or a drywall Lift are in our range of products.

I visit the major Hotel restaurant shows in the World and have my own stand at one or two shows a year. I travel approx. three times per year to Asia where I visit the factories, look for new factories, inspect running orders, and discuss new - running projects. We only work with factories we visited, know and trust and know that stand behind their product.


DE BY TRADING v.o.f. is located in Abcoude, Holland, 15 km. south of Amsterdam.


Others about DBT HOLLAND

“In China we are in contact with the best manufacturers, from chafing dishes, ovens to refrigerators etc.”

“In Taiwan we are in contact with the best OEM manufacturers, st.steel pressing, welding, forming, stainless sand die casting, but also plastic, tooling etc.”

The partners of DBT Holland

DBT Holland faucets & fittings

All our faucets will have the FULL st.steel or Nylon body, please go to the photo page to see the different models.

Taiwan Airpots - decanter

AirPots, Decanters, Thermo- drink – containers. We have ’s Worlds best Airpots with either Glass or st.steel vacuum liner in st.steel or Plastic housings.


Combination of microwave and hot air impingement. Heats up your food in seconds and keeps it crisp. To be used in pizza, sandwich, coffee shops etc.

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